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2020 Was My Biggest Business Year

I have been an entrepreneur since 2016. It was something that I truly never thought about until I started working on myself. I had always imagined myself being the mom who went to work, outside of the home, daily and came back ready to be a mom. Yes I know it was never going to be that easy but that is how I imagined it in my head.

I was pregnant with my third child when I decided to start my own business. All that I knew at the beginning was that I wanted to help women. I wanted them to know that they could learn to love themselves with who they were rather than trying to be someone they weren’t.


My entrepreneurial journey has taken me from being a self-love coach to owning a subscription box to being a freelance blogger to now being a blogging coach. Throughout this process, there are a few things that never changed.

1. My why remained consistent. I always wanted to teach women how to love themselves and throughout all of the phases of my businesses, this always remained. It helped me to refine my audience on a deeper level and have a place to go back to when I really struggled with moving forward.

2. Blogging was with me throughout the journey. When I started blogging in 2014, I truly never expected it to become such a big piece of my life and my journey through life. It has helped me work through some of the harder moments in my life. It has helped keep me sane while I struggle with mental health issues. It has been a constant support.

My blogging income report for 2020

I don’t think I was born to be an entrepreneur. At least not in the way I always imagined an entrepreneur being. I took a business course at university and I absolutely HATED every minute of it. I always thought of being an entrepreneur as being boring and restrictive. I know, crazy right?!

My life is anything but boring and restrictive. Every day I am faced with a new challenge, a new doubt, a moment that I didn’t think that I would overcome. Every day I wake up and am incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to do what I love.


I normally don’t share my income reports with my readers.


Well because I think that is personal and I don’t think it really should be anyone else’s business. I know that there are a ton of other bloggers who share these statistics with their readers and followers and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I just personally don’t do it on a monthly basis.

I have been in business for almost a year. Technically I started Creative Purpose in June of 2019 so it has been longer than a year but I became a blogging coach in January of 2020. This meant that it was a huge year of relearning how to be a teacher to my readers and to begin the process of branding myself as a blogging expert. Something I truly never thought of myself as until someone else said it to me in a podcast interview. Sometimes the outside world needs to tell us who we are before we even realize it.

With my previous business, every month I was losing money. For those 3 years, I struggled to make any money doing what I loved. It would cause fights between my husband and myself. I didn’t want to fail and I felt like I was so I continued to hold on to what I was doing in hopes that it would get better. It never did and so after 3 years of feeling like being an entrepreneur was a barrier, I decided I needed to again pivot my business.

Learning to call it a pivot helped me to move on. I was devastated. Thinking that people were going to think less of me because I had failed. I was known for self-love and to close this business meant that the community would also know that I failed. That was a blow to my ego.

Going into 2020, I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I just began anyway. I created my signature program, Blogology. I created a weekend blogging intensive. I created a 12 week 1 on 1 coaching program.


My income report for 2020 was $5,243.39. Now that may not seem like a lot to you but I look at that number and I can’t wipe the smile off of my face. That equals out to about $437 a month that I made off of my blog. That amount also doesn’t have my expenses taken off of it so that is what I brought in. At the end of the day, I still had expenses that needed to be paid but this number makes me incredibly proud.

That number means that I am growing and expanding my business. It means that people trust me with helping them with their blogging needs. Whether that is through blog coaching or blog management. I made a difference in the life of my family and in the life of the women that I helped.

Now, this number doesn’t just represent money to me. It represents the women that I have helped in 2020. I have helped 3 women through Blogology, 1 woman through a weekend blogging intensive, 1 woman through 1 on 1 coaching and 2 women with my blogging planner. I have also impacted women in my Facebook group and on all of my social media platforms.

I look at this number and am so incredibly grateful for following my heart and listening to those who know me best because, without those in my corner, I would have given up years ago and found a way to shut down the passion and live my life in a different way.

This number represents that my dedication and passion are working. That I am on the right track to creating a business that will be able to support my family.


There are 2 times of the year that I love the most. January and September. Both of them give me the feeling of re-evaluating my goals and my life. A chance to look at my life as a whole. I am still feeling the high of a new year, new goals and creating my big vision for 2021. There are so many things that I can’t wait to happen.

I have started my blog membership group, Blogging Simplified, to help even more women reach their goals as bloggers.

I will help 32 women start or grow their blogs in 2021. This is a big and scary number for me but I am so excited to do this. I truly want to share my passion with every woman on the planet.

2021 is about putting myself out there and allowing myself the space to grow as an entrepreneur and as a blogging expert. Doing the scary shit that I tell my clients and followers to do on a daily basis. That means being a guest expert (guest blogger, guest speaker in groups, an expert in summits and being a speaker on podcasts). It means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Putting my name and services out there. Hearing a lot of no’s but not letting that stop me. This is why FIERCE is my 2021 word.

2020 was a year for me to become who I was supposed to be as an entrepreneur. I figured that out. Now it is time to step into that power even more.


1. Review last year. What went well and what didn’t work. This is a great way to re-evaluate how the year went but also to help you create goals for the new year.

2. Write goals that cover every part of your life. Don’t just cover 1 area of your life when you create goals. Create goals that you will want to reach in every area.

3. Think big and small. You want goals that are just a bit out of your reach and some goals that are big that they scare you.

Are you going to make 2021 your biggest year? I know that I am.

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